Kobe’s message to Carlos Boozer

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Carlos Boozer was recently amnestied by the Chicago Bulls, who brought in former Laker forward, Pau Gasol, to fill the void at power-forward. The Los Angeles Lakers responded by snatching up Boozer off of waivers.

Boozer is now a Laker, and reportedly had a conversation with Lakers’ great, Kobe Bryant. The message Kobe sent to Boozer was one we’d all expect Kobe to send. “Be ready to lead”. Kobe also told Boozer to “Be ready to surprise people”, indicating that Kobe believes in the Lakers’ current roster. The Lakers, even with the addition of a vet like Boozer, seem like a long-shot to do much more than fail to make the post-season, but Kobe, as always, seems rather confident.

The Lakers brought back guys like Nick Young and Jordan Hill. They added big man, Ed Davis, drafted Julius Randles, and still have former MVP Steve Nash hanging around. With Kobe being healthy this season, and some talented players around one of the greatest to ever lace ’em up, perhaps this Lakers’ squad is a bit tougher than most give them credit for being, but doing much damage still seems like a stretch at this point in time.

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  • Kobe’s advise means you cannot outshine him and you have to ask permission from him before shooting the ball. He will pass the ball to you only when it is impossible for him to make a shot and if he do passes the ball to you and decides to shoot, you better make it.

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