Kwame Brown and Spencer Hawes will start together for the 76ers

  • Mark Evans

Kwame Brown (left), and Michael Jordan (right)

Soon after Kwame Brown was given a deal by the Philadelphia 76ers, head coach Doug Collins has surprised a lot of basketball minds with one of his comments. As if the fact that he got a contract isn’t surprising enough, that is.

After waving power forward Elton Brand with the amnesty clause, the 76ers were looking for a starting big man. Well, not anymore.

Jrue Holiday, Evan Turner, Andre Iguodala, and Spencer Hawes are all returning starters for the team. And Kwame Brown will be their fifth starter.

“Collins said he expects to start Brown and slide Spencer Hawes, last season’s starting center, over to power forward in a lineup that will also see Jrue Holiday, Evan Turner, and Andre Iguodala back in the starting lineup.”

Yes, we are all thinking of the same Kwame Brown. The former number 1 overall pick who really hasn’t done anything notable over his 11 years in the league and appeared in a whopping 9 games last season for the Golden State Warriors.

This definitely seems like an odd combination at first, but it has the potential to do some good. Hawes is a skilled passer and shooter for someone of his size, so sliding over to power forward shouldn’t be an issue for him. And if Kwame Brown can play good post defense and rebound for 20-25 minutes a game, where’s the problem?

Doug Collins is not asking Kwame Brown to play like a number 1 overall pick. He just needs a big body who can be serviceable and beef up the starting lineup a little bit. This is reasonable, right?

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2 Responses to Kwame Brown and Spencer Hawes will start together for the 76ers

  • Doug Collins don’t Put hawes at powerforward you Idiot. He can’t run the floor well. it will be a disadvantage for the sixers and teams will take advantage of that. and another thing if this team is on its rebuilding process it is better to put moultrie at the starting position. Don’t Be an Idiot. If you do that just go back to being a Sportscasters.

  • When I found out that the. Philadelphia 76ers sign Kwame Brown. I said to myself not again. This organization keeps shooting its self. In the foot with bad off season player moves. The Philadelphia 76ers were better. Off getting Ben Wallace than this bum. Ben Wallace has been productive. His whole career in the NBA. But to sign the former. Number 1 draft pick in the 2001 NBA draft. Really does not make any sense. He has not done anything. But I hope and wish that. Kwame Brown can bring a little. More intensity to this team. I have my fingers crossed on this. I still think that this. Philadelphia 76ers team. Has a shot on going to. The NBA finals real soon.

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