Kyrie Irving And Kevin Love In “Uncle Drew: Part Two”

  • Mark Evans

By now, most of us saw Kyrie Irving star in “Uncle Drew”, where he received a makeover to appear like an old man, then proceed to trick a bunch of young basketball players. Appearing to be an old man who couldn’t play, Kyrie flipped the switch during the pickup game to start dominating the court. Because, you know, a bunch of guys in a pickup game can’t actually hang with the NBA Rookie of the Year.

If you haven’t seen the video already, you need to see it. It’s hysterical.

Now, fellow NBA star Kevin Love wants to get in on the fun. Enjoy “Uncle Drew: Part Two” featuring Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love.

It has to get to a point where guys won’t fall for this trick anymore, right? I mean, how many old guys are 6’10” with a build similar to Kevin Love and looking to find a pickup game?

Regardless, I’m not complaining. Keep the videos coming!

-Mark Evans, Assistant Manager/Editor of Content

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