WATCH: Kyrie Irving’s game-winning layup in double OT

  • Andy Flint

They call him Uncle Drew for a reason. That reason being.. Kyrie Irving has mad skills. The Cleveland Cavaliers young star wows crowds on a daily basis, and his contributions to the highlight reel continued on Saturday night, as the Cavaliers defended their home floor against the visiting Philadelphia 76ers.

Kyrie patiently waits for the clock to dwindle down, then makes his move on the taller, longer Michael Carter-Williams. Irving also draws in Sixers’ center, Spencer Hawes, but it wouldn’t matter, as he finishes with a crafty basket at the rim, and pushes the Cavaliers’ lead to 127-125 with less than one full second remaining in double-overtime.

This game was a true battle between two young, talented eastern conference teams, looking to find their identities. In the end, Kyrie rose to the occasion, with 39 points and 12 assists. Michael Carter-Williams continued his pursuit for Rookie of the Year by adding 21 points, 13 assists and 7 rebounds for the Sixers, but couldn’t stop Kyrie from making the late, go-ahead bucket.

The Sixers have stumbled a little, after starting the season 3-0. They now sit at 4-3 on the season. The Cavaliers are 3-4 after this much needed home win. Both teams look as if they’ll have success in the near future.

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