Lakers file complaint with NBA over hard fouls on Dwight Howard

  • Andy Flint

The Los Angeles Lakers have filed a complaint with the league in reference to hard fouls on Dwight Howard. The Lakers’ center shoots an abysmal 49% from the charity stripe, thus compelling teams to compete with Howard’s strength and superior athleticism by simply fouling him and dealing with what points he manages to take away at the line.

This is the same old song and dance that the Lakers dealt with when Shaquille O’Neal was in LA. Hack-A-Shaq became the cool thing to do because of Shaq’s power and particularly poor free throw shooting percentage.

Via T.J. Simers of the Los Angeles Times:

“There’s a protocol to airing opinions or complaints with the NBA. And we’ve done that.” said Mitch Kupchak. “The game has evolved and like a lot of other sports where attention is now being given to protect players, the NBA is interested in doing so as well. I don’t know if they will review our concerns, but [hard fouls] have resulted in injury to one of our players.”

We’ve seen player safety become a huge topic for discussion among pro sports circles over the past couple of seasons, and given the fact that Howard just underwent back surgery and is now battling a torn labrum, this complaint filed by the Lakers was only a matter of time. Dwight has battled and complained about the hard fouls for years now, and the whole thing looks to be coming to a head because of his recent struggles with injury. The Lakers can’t have an injured product becoming more battered and bruised, but the NBA is a contact sport, and playing in the paint isn’t for the faint of heart. Blake Griffin voiced similar concerns last season.


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9 Responses to Lakers file complaint with NBA over hard fouls on Dwight Howard

  • B**ch PLEASE…..learn how to shoot a free throw!!

  • Does the Lakers and Dwight Howard think they are the only ones who take hard fouls? Hate to tell you this the Lakers probably give more hard fouls than the get. Now get over it. You knew what you were doing when you chose to play basketball. Grow up and play the game!!!!

    • “Lakers probably give more hard fould than thye get” What games do you watch? The only Laker that gives hard fouls is MWP.

  • Speaking about irony. NBA teams justify the persistent hard fouls against Howard by insisting that what they do is within the rules: send a poor free throw shooter to the line at whatever cost and take your chances. Meanwhile, Metta World Peace gets the severest of penalties for the simplest of fouls he commits.

  • And what about all the hard fouls/dirty plays being handed out by Laker players like Ron Artest, Andrew Bynum, Matt Barnes, and L. Odem over the past few years? Is payback a b*tch, L.A.?

  • Blake Griffin gets beaten with hard fouls every game and the NBA, the world’s biggest money making entity is oblivious. Their only concern is if he retaliates, slap him with technical foul and there you go, money money money keeps pouring.

    The evil Ron Artest thought he can hide his evil ways by changing his name. What a shame!!! You will always be Satan’s sidekick no matter what name you use.

  • Hey Lakers, how about Phil Jackson’s last game as a coach, or that whole series? All those hard fouls the Lakers committed on the Mavs… yeah its called payback. Or how about Metta World Peace making some bonehead foul every other week. No right to complain.

  • I guess the world is indifferent to Mr Howard as he can not improve on his free throw %. Too bad for him , but a professional would work on that to improve. Im sure that practice with a coach would help. Do you think people like Kobe or Dirk did not practice to get as good as they are at the line? Some have it eASY early and think they dont have to do anymore. Usually the great players worked to improve , other s just complain when their flaws are exposed.

  • cry babies, is the same team begging to make the play-offs (8th spot) so are looking for simpathy from NBA?
    If they fail to make the play-offs Mitch Hupchak and Jim Buss are going to tell you the following reasons why didn’t make it?

    Injuries, schedule, refs, chemistry, young team, old team, deal voided, M. Brown, D’anthony, Gatorade, lights, team bus and food.

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