Lakers’ Gasol calls his brother Marc, to ask for a little help against the Jazz

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Pau Gasol called his brother Marc and told him they need them to beat the Utah Jazz

With the last game of the season on the horizon, the Los Angeles Lakers with a victory over the Houston Rockets, would be the 7th seed in the Western Conference playoff bracket. However, if the Lakers were to lose against the Rockets and the Utah Jazz were to beat the Memphis Grizzlies, the Lakers would be bounced from the playoffs. This prompted Lakers big man, Pau Gasol, to give a call to his brother Marc Gasol, who plays for the Memphis Grizzlies.

Via LA Times:

Has Lakers forward/center Pau Gasol called his brother, Memphis center Marc Gasol, to ask for a little help against the Jazz?

“I told him to please go out there and compete and try to win the game,” said Pau.

Did he get a positive response?

“He said, ‘We’ll see,’ because last night they played the starters 24 minutes. They probably play the same the next game,” said the Lakers’ forward/center.

It appears that the Grizzlies will try to beat the Utah Jazz because they are trying to finish with a better record than their Los Angeles Clippers who are likely their first-round matchup. Wednesday ought to be a very compelling last day of hoops!

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