Lakers’ Nick Young has his home burglarized

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(Credit: David Crane of the Los Angeles Daily News)

While Nick Young was leading the Lakers to a win on Sunday over the Magic, his home was in the process of being burglarized.  TMZ was the first to break the story.  Young has been one of the few bright spots for the Lakers this season, and his 26 point game on Sunday was a reminder of the talent that he has. Of course, the good feeling he had after the win was spoiled once he found out he had been looted. Via the Los Angeles Daily News:

“They got me. They stole my Yeezy’s,” said Young, referring to the Red October Nike Air Yeezy’s 2 that he says is worth $6,000, an item he acquired for free because of a contract with Nike. “I wasn’t expecting that. It was tough to get in after a good win to come home to that…I’m shocked they tried to get Swaggy.”

The total value of items stolen was around $100K. While losing the valuables isn’t fun, the bigger concern has to be knowing that somebody actually broke into your home. This has to be much more of a peace of mind issue than it is a money issue for “Swaggy P.” While his words seem to convey that he isn’t overly worried about it, you know that it has to shake him up as it would any human being. Hopefully the thug(s) who broke into his home get arrested and that the wrath of justice brings them pain.

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