Lakers Only Team Without Representative At Sloan Conference

  • Mark Evans

The baseball world has been taken back by the use of analytics, which introduced an entirely new way to look at the game. The basketball world has begun to catch on, following innovation from guys like John Hollinger.

Kobe Bryant and the Lakers probably aren't very interested in analytics. credit:

Kobe Bryant and the Lakers probably aren’t very interested in analytics.

In Boston over the past few days, basketball geeks from around the country gathered in Boston for the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. Almost every team in the league sent a representative to learn a few things, and perhaps bring back some new thoughts to the organization.

The only team that wasn’t there? The Los Angeles Lakers. Via The Star:

The L.A. Lakers were the only NBA team without a presence. Said San Antonio Spurs GM R.C. Buford: “If we can keep the Lakers locked out, that’s fine with us.”

Well, this is a little interesting. Maybe the Lakers don’t want to hear about how Kobe Bryant chucking every shot isn’t an efficient offense. Or maybe they have realized that they are so limited financially that they are almost stuck with the roster that they have.

Either way, this is definitely a movement that much of the basketball world is catching on to.

-Mark Evans, Assistant Manager/Editor of Content

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