Lakers refuse to take Jason Richardson in Howard deal; cite “personal issue” with Nash

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Jason Richardson

Jason Richardson apparently has a “personal issue” with Steve Nash that will keep him out of a Dwight Howard deal to the Lakers
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Jason Richardson and Steve Nash are former teammates from their days with the Phoenix Suns, and there have been rumors that they didn’t end on the best terms. Steve Nash has a “personal issue” with Richardson that may get in the way of Richardson being included as a salary-dump in any potential Dwight Howard trade to the Lakers.

What is this “personal issue” you ask? Well, rumor has it that Richardson may have fathered a baby with Steve Nash’s now ex-wife. And I thought the Tony Parker and Brent Barry situation was bad. There are conflicting reports on whether the Richardson allegation is true, but you throw the rumor in with this report, and where there is smoke, there is usually fire boys and girls.

Here is the sccop from FOX Sports Ohio’s Sam Amico:



This is yet another blip in the saga that is the Dwightmare. However, I highly doubt this will have any serious effect on the trade negotiations, as Richardson is merely one of the plethora of bad contracts the Magic wish to move in a potential Dwight Howard deal, and may be low on the totem-pole in that regard. Ideally, the Magic would much rather move Hedo Turkoglu’s hideous deal instead.

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