LaMarcus Aldridge says fellow All-Stars expressed interest in playing in Portland

  • Andy Flint


When you’re LaMarcus Aldridge, and you play alongside fellow NBA All-Star, Damian Lillard, and your team is sitting on a solid 36-17 record, it’s absolutely plausible to believe that other, fellow NBA All-Stars, would express interest in joining what appears to be an improving culture in Portland.

Aldridge claims that “a few” guys approached him at All-Star weekend, in The Big Easy, and toyed with the idea of playing alongside he and Damian Lillard, in Portland, as a member of the Trail Blazers.

Players tend to want to play in winning situations, and that is exactly what the Trail Blazers have built. They have a team anchored by two very talented, young, All-Stars. Damian Lillard is 23-years old, and LMA is 28-years old. They also have pieces that could entice teams in a potential trade.


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