Lance Stephenson: LeBron’s Trash Talking “Sign of Weakness”

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Win or lose, I am glad the Indiana Pacers at least partially righted the ship, and have given us a very entertaining start to the Eastern Conference Finals against the Miami Heat we’ve all been expecting since about December. Part of the turnaround has been the play of Lance Stephenson, who is capable of doing just about anything on a basketball court.

It seems Stephenson has gotten the attention of Heat star LeBron James, and James has been trash-talking throughout the series. Stephenson…not exactly impressed by LeBron’s antics, calling it a “sign of weakness”:

“To me, I think it’s a sign of weakness because he never used to say nothing to me,” Stephenson said. “I always used to be the one who used to be the one that say, `I’m going to get under you. I’m going to do something to get you mad’ Now he’s trying to do it to me. I feel like it’s a weakness.”‘

Stephenson and James exchanged words early in the first quarter. With the Pacers leading 23-14, Stephenson drew a charge on James. After teammates helped Stephenson up, James closely followed him down the court. The players jawed the entire way.

“I’m doing something right and I’m getting under his skin,” Stephenson said. “I definitely have to keep stepping up to the plate and be aggressive when he does that.”

This was evident during the game last night, as LeBron was very physical with Stephenson throughout the game as well, making sure to always have a body on him throughout the game.

Lance has a point here, to a degree. Aside from respecting Stephenson’s game, I am sure his reputation to lose his temper is also a motive behind LeBron’s trash talking. If you can get Good Lance to turn into Bad Lance, the Heat will be cruising to the NBA Finals.

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