Lance Stephenson vows to calm down during Heat’ series

  • Andy Flint

New York Knicks v Indiana Pacers - Game Six

There’s no arguing that one of the most important pieces to this Indiana Pacers’ team is Lance Stephenson. He’s an essential part to making this Pacers’ train chug along the tracks. It’s also hard to argue Stephenson’s sometimes negative impact during games. Lance is known for letting his “antics” take over and become bigger than this Pacers’ team.

Lance spoke to the media after Pacers’ practice on Monday. When asked about his body language and having less to say during game one, against the Miami Heat, Lance had the following to say.

“Playing against the Heat, I need to calm down my little antics.” Lance said. “So I decided I ain’t going to do nothing at all. I’m just going to stay poised and play with my team.”

Lance was then asked if keeping calm, and staying poised affected the way he plays. He responded.

“Umm, I mean, when I do some dances and stuff, and get the crowd involved, I actually play better.” Stephenson said. “If it’s going to help my teammates, and help me stay in the game, I’m definitely not going to do that.”

Bottom line. Lance Stephenson believes that the little characteristics that make him the player he is, are what makes him such a good player. But he also acknowledges how his “antics” can be a distraction for his teammates, and that without his dancing, and things of that nature, perhaps his teammates can focus and be better. Less of Lance being Lance may also open up for playing time for him throughout this series, and beyond. The maturity seems to be setting in. But time will tell.


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