Larry Sanders clocked Mike Dunleavy Jr. for no reason

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Apparently Larry Sanders was quite upset with Mike Dunleavy Jr. (AP Photo/Don Ryan)

Troubled Milwaukee Bucks center Larry Sanders appears to have added another blemish to his resume. This time it’s for punching Mike Dunleavy Jr. for no apparent reason. The incident happened during the 2013-14 season, in which Dunleavy was sitting in front of his stall after a game talking about the team needing to share the ball. This prompted Larry Sanders to reportedly walk over to Dunleavy and say “hello” and clock him with a punch.

Via SportsRadio 1250: (12:30 mark)

Woelfel: Yeah, I mean it’s one thing to make comments behind closed doors about guys if you’re a player. But when you physically hit them, that’s quite another thing. And everybody knows about the Monta Ellis incident.

Earlier that same season — which didn’t go reported until I found out last season, if that makes sense  – was that early in that season he and Mike Dunleavy had a confrontation. Dunleavy was sitting in front of his stall after a game. They’re talking about sharing the ball blah blah blah and Sanders walks over and says ‘helloooo’ and clocks him.

Michaels: Really?

Woelfel: Yeah. You know? I mean come on. You know? You can’t pull that stuff. He’s just… he’s gotta get it and I don’t know if he ever will.

H/T: Bucksketball (for transcribing)

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