LeBron James doesn’t pick Kobe Bryant as most dominant star of last 15 years

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LeBron James kicks off his fourth NBA Finals appearance tonight in Miami against the San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs swept LeBron in his first NBA Finals appearance in 2007 while he was still a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Thus the NBA has its story lines and LeBron gets pounded with questions about the Spurs and their Big Three.

In a pre-Finals media interview with reporters LeBron was slammed with questions about the Spurs and his previous Finals matchup with them. Then James was asked a question regarding Tim Duncan and how will he be regarded in this era of players.

Via ASAP Sports:

Q.  LeBron, to that end, as a student of NBA history, how do you think Tim will ultimately be regarded in this era as one of the players of this era?  How do you think he’ll be viewed?

LeBRON JAMES:  Probably one of the best players to ever play the game of basketball.  If I just look at the last 15 years, he’s probably been the most consistent, most dominant player that we’ve had as far as 15 years all together.  He’s won four titles, multiple All Stars, MVP, and so on and so on.
I think He doesn’t get a lot of recognition because he’s not flashy like a lot of guys are.  He’s not jumping over people and high‑flying and doing the things that attracts people to the game.  But I think true basketball, true IQ people, players know how great he is.  What else can you say?

It is very interesting that he doesn’t mention Kobe Bryant who actually has more rings and Finals appearances than Timmy D. However, if Duncan and his Spurs were to win this series against LeBron and the rest of the Miami Heat, he would tie Kobe with five rings. And beating LeBron James twice in Finals showdowns would be a nice footnote to a Hall of Fame career by the great Tim Duncan.

H/T Bleacher Report


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