LeBron James Expressed Frustration Over Hard Fouls

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Miami Heat are apparently not satisfied with the punishment Josh McRoberts received after committing a hard foul on James in Thursday night’s game. Spoelstra said as much on Friday when asked about the incident. McRoberts was fined $20,000 and the foul was upgraded from a common foul to a flagrant two penalty for excessive contact. He was not suspended however, and will still be available for game 3 on Saturday. Spoelstra was not shy in telling the media how he felt about the hard foul, and he made it clear that he was not happy with not only this incident, but believes this is an ongoing problem. “We’re all fortunate, because that play could have been much worse, and it’s not the first time this has happened, we’ve already expressed it with the league. We disagree with this. But you have to move on and control what you can control. We’ve had dialogue. They made their decision.”

Photo Credit: indystar.com

Photo Credit: indystar.com

McRoberts foul was upgraded after the fact, but James believes it should have been reviewed during the game. Had the foul been called a flagrant 2 during Thursdays game, McRoberts would have been ejected from the game, per league regulations. James was upset with the fact that McRoberts play was not given a second look after the game. “I understand there’s going to be contact, and if it’s the right call, then I’m OK with it,” James said. “My foul didn’t even get checked. It was never checked, and it was at a crucial point of the game.

James has been known to be aggravated at the fact that he does not get the calls he deserves. He expressed being upset with the excessive contact on him when he is trying to get to the basket. James mentioned Friday that it is hard for him to keep his cool when incidents like this occur. “Obviously, the game is different [today]. If this was the 1980s, I’d come up swinging. But this is not the ’80s. I can’t do that. Me being out of the game, it hurts us more than it’s going to hurt the other team. I’ve got to keep my composure. I get frustrated at times, but I understand how much I mean to this team.”

Despite his complaints about not getting calls, James has attempted 22 free throws so far in the two games of the series, which is almost three times more than any Charlotte player. James attacks the basket, and plays aggressive, which may account for the abundance of attempted free throws. The Bobcats and Heat will face off again this Saturday in Charlotte.

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