LeBron James, Heat players take photos with troops during OKC layover

  • Andy Flint

Despite all of LeBron James’ bad publicity, the all-star small forward knows how to give back where it counts. During a recent refuel stop in OKC (on their way to Portland) LeBron James and his fellow Miami Heat players took time to snap a few photos with servicemen and women who were also stopped for fuel.

The story goes that when the troops noticed the Heat players were sharing close quarters with them, they, like any other fans, decided to approach the team when the Heat’s security stopped them dead in their tracks. The country’s soldiers were simply told no.

It isn’t clear if James overheard the conversation between security and the troops or if he just knew what the situation was, but he acted.

James said.

“Hey, hey,” he said, “any of these military guys can take a picture with us.”

He turned to his teammates.

“You guys get up,” he told them.

Maybe LeBron has made some bad decisions (no pun, I promise) when talking about where he’ll play, or when discussing concussions or etc… But it’s clear that LeBron respects this country’s military and gives back when he can.

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