LeBron James and John Wall say Shabazz Napier should be first point guard selected

  • Jason Whitney

Would you select Shabazz Napier over Marcus Smart?

Connecticut‘s Shabazz Napier had an impressive run in this year’s NCAA tournament and might have parlayed his excellent play into being selected in this year’s NBA draft lottery. At least two current NBA studs seem to think this as LeBron James and John Wall have both shared their love for the senior guard from Charlestown, Massachusetts.


John Wall echoed a similar opinion.

“He’s got to be the first point guard taken, in my opinion, (with) the way he finished the season,” Wall said after practice Tuesday. 

Whether Napier’s recent play will push his draft stock over Oklahoma State’s Marcus Smart will have to wait to be seen. Smart is two years younger than Napier and much bigger. Although Smart struggled at different points of the season, he has an NBA body whereas Napier is much smaller and slender.

However, another former UConn Huskie guard named Kemba Walker seems to be doing alright in the pros and he carries a similar frame as Napier. One thing is for sure, NBA teams will have a hard time choosing between both of these point guards.

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