LeBron James keeps tabs on Kevin Durant’s stats

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I know the title is a little vague – so let’s jump right to the point. LeBron is basically stalking Kevin Durant’s statline. The MVP race is essentially neck and neck with the two superstars, and LeBron keeps a competitive edge on KD, by getting alerts of Durant’s nightly stats sent directly to his cell phone.

“I got a KD watch on my phone,” James said.

I wonder if there is an achievement on X-Box One for stalking your rival?

This appears to be the same technique used by Rose from Two and a Half Men? We all know that she eventually took he stalking to new heights, when she shoved poor Charlie in front of a moving train. It turns out that having “Tiger’s Blood” doesn’t help you against tons of speeding steal. Perhaps she used the advantages of GPS from his cell to ping his location, and execute her brutal endgame.

Anyways, as far as LeBron keeping tabs on KD goes – the old saying tells the story best. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. LeBron spoke out last week about how he’s “jealous” of KD’s shot attempts. Durant has been on quite the hot streak lately, averaging a touch over 36 ppg for the new year.

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