LeBron James says he is bringing back old pregame ritual

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LeBron James is bringing back the chalk toss

Remember when LeBron James use to toss chalk up in the air before games? If you forgot it’s because James hasn’t done it since halfway through the 2011 playoffs, when he arguably was going through his roughest basketball stretch of his career. Thus he stopped his famous pregame ritual. But exhale LeBron fans, James will be bringing back his old routine.

Brian Windhorst of ESPN’s Heat Index:

After more than a two-year hiatus, LeBron James has decided to bring back his once trademark pregame chalk toss for this season.

“It’s just me,” James said after the Miami Heat’s practice Wednesday at the Atlantis Resort. “I love my fans and they wanted it back. They wanted me to do it so it’s back.”

Good for LeBron. Although made famous in Cleveland, fans love it and he seems to recognize that. On second thought, he may not want to do his old “ritual” in Cleveland where it was originated. We shall see!

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