LeBron James to Frank Vogel: “We’re not just another team”

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With the Eastern Conference Finals set to start Wednesday in Miami, it seems like the war of words has already begun. During Indiana Pacers coach Frank Vogel’s post-game interview after defeating the New York Knicks in game six to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals, Vogel referred to star LeBron James and the Miami Heat as “just the next team” in their way to a championship. Apparently, James took exception to the comment, and addressed it today.

Here are some details via Michael Wallace of ESPN.com:

“We’re not just another team,” James said. “I don’t understand what he’s saying. But we’re not just another team. That’s not true. He said we’re just another team in their way. We’re a great team. If we’re just another team, you really don’t prepare for just another team. You have to prepare for us.”

This marks the second straight postseason that the Heat and Pacers have engaged in a war of words before facing each other. Vogel was fined $15,000 last spring for saying the Heat were “the biggest flopping team in the NBA.” Indiana took a 2-1 series lead before the Heat won the next three games while playing without injured center Chris Bosh.

James said his ears perked up when he heard Vogel’s postgame remarks Saturday night after the Knicks series. The Heat and Pacers play Game 1 on Wednesday, a series that starts six days after Miami ousted the Chicago Bulls in five games.

“We’re very confident,” James said. “We’ll be ready for them. We don’t need bulletin board material. We’ve heard everything, we’ve seen everything. But I would say we’re not just another team, though.”

It seems like LeBron, though saying the Heat don’t need “bulletin board material” is using Vogel’s statement, which seems innocent, to motivate his team. Vogel probably had some motivation toward his original remark as well. You can’t have your team thinking the Miami Heat are this unbeatable Juggernaut that you have a minimal chance of defeating, even if it is the truth. Instead, it is your job as a coach to convince your players the Heat ARE “just another team” that you CAN beat.

Personally, I give the Pacers a much better chance than most, if they have another gear left. The way the Pacers beat the Knicks could prove to be the formula against the Heat, specifically dominating the boards, one of Miami’s weaknesses. Granted, the Pacers beating the Heat would certainly be an upset, but I see the series being extremely competitive, and a Pacers victory wouldn’t shock me.

By: Frank Santos

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22 Responses to LeBron James to Frank Vogel: “We’re not just another team”

  • Hey LeBron, I’ll admit, you guys are pretty good, but get off your high-horse. Because Vogel got it right, when it comes down to it, you guys are, guess what, JUST ANOTHER TEAM!!!

    • you are very rightt Rob Wolfgang!!!! love your comment

    • Same as Vogel he is just another coach, oh oh wait just another coach without a CHAMPIONSHIP very common in the NBA….But yeah Indy is good enough that is why they are in the East finals…But thats it..

    • Yea juss another team winning the championship

  • naw the heat work as a team and got to where they are so dont hate i mean yall struggle against the knicks now so stop the negative remarks….dont get me woring every team has been working hard the whole season..

  • I agree just another team! Hey bron bron your soft a.. is toooo sensitive lol!! I completely understand Vogel when he said you’re just another team cuz you are just that but what i don’t understand is how the League keep giving MVP to a superstar who wins with other superstars!? I thought we only see that at all-star games?! GO INDIANA!!!

  • Lebron if you were so special Queen Stern would just give you the Larry O’Brien Trophy instead like EVERY OTHER TEAM in the league you have to compete for if. You are truly delusional thinking your team is that special. Pacers beat you TWICE in the regular season the Spurs bench hard you against the ropes. Your team is nothing special, jsut another team vieing for the championship trophy.

    Until you get off your high horse, nobody is every going to like you every much, you yourself are not that special. Michael Jordan may have been high flying and whatever, but HE was likeable. You know why becuase every if he was delusional he never voice those delusions to the public. You manage to make a total a$$ of yourself every time you open you mouth.

    Like TIm Duncan does, you should let your game talk for you. He is the BEST there every was, I realize you play a different position, but as such you are not even fit to wipe his shoes. He is humble, he does not do stupid dances in the locker room or out on the court, he plays ball the way it SHOULD be played, that is why he has 4 rings and other hnors that you can only dream aobut. And most importantly he is LIKED.

    Get a clue get a personality and most of all get over yourself, because when you are gone there will always be another yoyo that thinks he is the best things since sliced bread. Believe I have been watching this game for over 40 years.

  • So the demons are not letting up on demonizing Lebron. Go to hell men and do your demonizing there.

  • The heat earned the right to be respected by their performance in the regular season. They also continue to work towards becoming the Champions again in 2013. Like any other sport, it is the challenger who has to prove that they are better that the already proven team.

  • Vogel was right last year when he said the Heat is “the biggest flopping team in the NBA.” DWade is the kind of clown that could take a shot from the foul line and fall into the second row to get his mom called for a foul. If the NBA doesn’t step in and do something about that crap basketball will be just turn into another WWF.

  • heat team is good, but the refs let LeBron and company get away with a lot of stuff. Indiana had them beat last year till da ref got involved, so if the game is called fair hmmmmmmm

  • Heat is not just another team they are the champions from last year.

  • Lebron won how many rings in Cleveland? Right, so shut up!

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