LeBron Has Had “Minimal Contact” With Wade and Bosh

  • Mark Evans

Things are heating up.

The Miami Heat haven’t made any moves to improve their roster, and speculation is growing that LeBron James may leave for another team. Nothing is for sure, but it’s getting to the point where we’re all reading into anything that comes up.

The latest “Woj Bomb” furthers the speculation that there may no longer be a Big Three in Miami. According to Woj, there has been minimal communication among the Big Three, and they may be taking the hint.

Well, alright then.

Unless Miami makes a move soon, LeBron could start to explore the market. Pat Riley, the clock is ticking.


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2 Responses to LeBron Has Had “Minimal Contact” With Wade and Bosh

  • May i say that i am a big fan of LeBron James and sure he needs to make more contact with Wade/Bosh and its not his fult its the teams. The team works really hard to inprove but then one or more doesnt fit for the one or more people on the team. So its the teams effort to help those people that need that extra boost.

    Maura .F

  • spoiled brats.

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