LeBron Unaware of Space Jam 2, But Open to Listening

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It was all talk once but now, it might start to get real. In a recent interview with Palm Beach Post, LeBron James admitted no one spoke to him about a sequel to Space Jam but added he’d listen if there is a pitch.

Photo: Warner Bros.

Photo: Warner Bros.

Warner Bros might have been treading water by spreading rumors, and it sure seems they are in the head of the most recognizable star in the NBA. Also considering the fact that it might do wonders for LeBron’s image worldwide and further enhance his personal brand (which he claims he always prioritizes), Warner Bros and Lebron might just be the perfect match. James’ acting chops (or lackthereof) remains to be seen, but If MJ pulled it off with a little help from his friends, all LeBron needs to do is find a co-star like Bill Murray and he is good to go.

Sports-Kings Pass The Pill Contributor Aras Bayram  @Aras_Bayram 

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