Lil Wayne claims to have slept with Chris Bosh’s wife

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Lil Wayne’s beef with the Miami Heat has been well documented over the course of about a week or so. Wayne went to Twitter, claiming he was ejected from the Lakers/Heat game on February 10th because he was cheering on his favorite squad, the Lakers. Heat’s spokesperson claimed that Wayne left on his own accord, while Danny Vega claims Wayne used a gun gesture while arguing with other fans.

Now Wayne has a different beef with the Miami Heat and namely their star big man, Chris Bosh. Wayne claims that he was banned from attending the NBA’s All-Star weekend in Houston because he allegedly has a past history with Chris Bosh’s wife, Adrienne Williams. Lil Wayne claims that he and Adrienne’s relationship was sexual. To any younger readers out there, beware that my next line is quite blunt and will use an adult term. Wayne says that he “fucked Chris Bosh wife.” This report is via Jason McIntyre of The Big Lead.

I’m no expert on the situation, but Lil Wayne seems to have a hard time with NBA events. He was booted from a game in OKC last season, now a Heat game this season, and then to top it all off, he’s banished (allegedly) from the All-Star game and claims it was because he’s had sexual relations with Chris Bosh’s wife. It seems like Wayne is just looking for a Lil (pun all day) bit of sunshine on his face. The rap game’s lime light must be too focused on real artists, and Wayne is seeking out a new way to live it up in the media.

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10 Responses to Lil Wayne claims to have slept with Chris Bosh’s wife

  • What a nice looking young man. Should rename himself Lil Brain.

  • this guy looks like a caca roach. use Raid on that nasty poor excuse for a human being

  • The moral of the story is that Adrienne Williams is the dumbest woman on the floor! If dat be trew!

  • I’ve heard some dumb things said by celebrities and this is one of the dumbest. An organization such as a NBA franchise is going to prevent a celeb entry because he/she slept with someone’s wife/husband. If that became the new power ego we might not have any fans at a game. Unless your partner in a virgin, they’ve been with somebody other than you.

  • Wayne fade away please, you’re making yourself look even dumber than we(public) think… er know you are!

  • There are somethings you just don’t do, no matter how you feel about there team or what ever the reason. If what he says is true then that should of been kept to himself, why try to destroy another man’s relationship over childish feelings of revenge, there has to be a reason for someone like him to be removed from a game. He talks about no snitching, yet he snitched and what is sad people look up to him when he’s a joke that belongs to a street gang. There are things you don’t do and this is one of them. I believe in Karma, and before it’s all said and done he will be on his back like a roach kicking up only to know it’s all over.

  • So what. Im sure someone fucked his (wayne’s) woman at one time or another.

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