Los Angeles Lakers to allow Kobe Bryant to become free agent

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The Lakers will let Kobe Bryant become a free agent

Could this season be the last for iconic Los Angeles Lakers guard, Kobe Bryant? With the way the new pay structure of the NBA is, we could be seeing the last of Kobe Bryant in a Lakers’ uniform. The Lake Show is expected to make a run at LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony, so if they could land one of those players, I’d assume the Lakers would want to bring back Kobe Bryant to form a dynamic duo.

Via Orange County Register:

The Lakers’ season starts next week, and I never asked. He doesn’t know when he will be ready to play, but it’s going to take time because, “I gotta be ready to come out guns blazing,” says Bryant, now 35.

“I have to make sure I’m ready because now that I’m older I have to worry about the rest of my body compensating for where I was injured. At this age other things can go quickly if you’re not really ready.”

He becomes a free agent at the end of the season, and Jim Buss says because of the pay structure of the NBA, the Lakers will allow Kobe to become a free agent.

The Lakers will look to add a marquee free agent and use the rest of their money on Kobe, assuming Bryant can make a full comeback. If this plan works out, the Lakers will have paved the way for the next era of dominate Lakers basketball.

He says he has talked to Kobe and believes they have an understanding, Bryant waiting as a free agent while the team spends to upgrade and then using what is left over to pay Kobe.

“We’ve probably talked,” says Kobe while being somewhat vague, “but I’m putting off any thought of that.”

The interesting question looking into the future is whether the Lakers will strike out in the summer of 2014. There will be plenty of free agents the Lakers can try to woo to L.A. but if they fail to land one, the team could be in for rebuilding year. Of course “rebuilding”  and “Lakers” are not synonymous with each other, but the franchise could be headed down that road rather quickly.

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