Magic Johnson says Clippers have right to cover Lakers’ banners

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Magic Johnson is about as pro-Lakers as they come, and even he says that the Clippers/Doc Rivers have the right to cover the Los Angeles Lakers’ banners, that hang from the rafters of Staples Center, when the Clippers are the home team.

You all may recall that the Clippers have recently decided to cover those championship banners, that belong to the Lakers, while they are the home team in the arena both teams share. The outcry from Lakers’ Nation has been nothing short of crazy over the past week or two. I’m glad to see a big Lakers’ advocate come out and finally say what I’ve been thinking.

Magic Tweeted about how doing things like covering the banners will help to promote a stronger culture for the Clippers in Los Angeles. The city is no longer a one pony town. Fans of the other LA team will have to deal with this. The Clippers are legitimate.

Magic assured the Lakers’ faithful that the banners would still be in their rightful place, you just wouldn’t be able to see them when the Clippers are the home team. That seems fair enough.

Despite the outrage of many Lakers’ fans, the banners will be blocked when the Clippers host games at Staples Center. This sort of thing should not bother the Lakers or their fans. It’s a confidence thing for the Clippers, rather than a slight against the Lakers. What teams, or players would want to play in their home building, while championship banners for a rival team swing from above?

This is a good move by the Clippers and head coach, Doc Rivers.

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