Magic to Dwight Howard: ‘Sign extension or else’

  • Andy Flint

The Magic are apparently digging their feet in and giving Dwight Howard a true ultimatum (Maybe). Sign an extension with the Magic or else… But what exactly does or else mean?

Magic CEO, Alex Martins had this to say regarding Howard.

 “If he decides not to sign an extension, then we’re going to make decisions necessary so we don’t go through a season like we went through this year.”

Martins is addressing the back-and-forth circus that the Magic, Dwight Howard and their fans endured all season.

Martins was asked if the Magic intended to trade Howard is he rejects the idea of signing an extension. Martins replied with.

 “We’ll cross that bridge when we get there but our number one goal is to get him to sign an extension this summer.”

Only one thing remains sure to me. The Magic must do whatever it takes to avoid completely tossing away another season due to drama. The Magic need to move forward in a positive direction, with or without Dwight Howard as their anchor. Whether this means trading away their all-star center for veteran help or assets to build with for the future.

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20 Responses to Magic to Dwight Howard: ‘Sign extension or else’

  • Trade him…and stop with all the BS. How can the team take the floor thinking about all of that. You should have already traded him. If you don’t have the cap space, and or money to sign big free agents. Then he’s not going to stay. Cut ties and go on..If he wanted to be there (committed to the magic)He would have signed. You keep sitting on this and you’ll end up with nothing. Okay if u do trad him hope the league doesn’t veto it like the CP3 trade to the lakers..

    • I agree 100% Trade him. He is a Billion Dollar talent with a 2 cent head

      • He is too unreliable offensively to be a franchise player. Uncharacteristically great offensive and defensive play by Turgolu (sp) got the Magic to finals. I think they would’ve had a chance then if Van Gundy had stuck with Rafer at the point. He somehow had them get the most out of Howard constricted offense.

  • He already signed an extension indicating that he will be in Orlando one more season. Now, they can’t MAKE him do something else because they want him to. How can they give him a time line, his time isn’t up until the 2013 season is over. Dwight is trying to heal and the Magic brass come out with something like this? Shows that they regard Dwight as a slave. I keep forgetting that we are talking about Florida sportswriters, and Florida doesn’t really believe in Blacks being treated equally!

    • this is a joke I am a die hard magic fan where are they without dwight home. I dont understand Stan I believe we could have done better if he would not have played Hedo so much he was playing hard but bad ryan j.j jay rich sort a saved us so in plain english without Dwight we are dead.

    • Slave? Really! I doubt they would pay a slave $25mill.

    • That is an uncalled for and stupid comment about florida, if you want the truth and the black panther party(blacks aint afraid to kill some honkies and crackers in st pete fl) so who does that show as the racist in florida?

      • Well I think they should trade him to the Bobcats for the number one pick ‘Anthony Davis’ it would help both teams, and I wish all
        racist people fall off the face of the earth you are ruining this country with all this hate Black & White, we been here together since the 1400 hundreds and we’re still hating, damn get over it America is a melting pot.

    • Reguarding @Augustus Howard comment- WTF does race have to do with basketball dip shit the man’s getting paid millions by the Orlando Magic and he’s been playing mind games and small threats of trade which is not fare for his team mates and the true magic fans stick to basketball dumb ass!!!

    • The Magic should trade Howard for the best package they can get. Bynum and Pau would do nicely.

    • Augustus: recent history of non-major market teams working to re-sign stars while their contract expires has been disastrous. LeBron, Shaq . . . If the guy wanted to stay, he would sign an extension. Can Orlando really afford to become another Cleveland?

    • howard…. Shut up….rasist sack of crap.

  • Dwight Howard might not come back the high flying (Superman) people are looking for, when returns. Back problems are not to be taken lightly.

    • When will you folks get over this racism? We elected a black president and it wouldn’t have happened without white people. Regarding the Magic, all they want is to know what direction to go in. We built this team around Dwight and if he has no intentions of staying we need different personel. Which would require getting away from the 4 – 1 game and shipping out some 3 pt shooters for defense and slashers.

    • Rondo: good point. Look at Amare who used to dunk regularly over Duncan before surgery. Orlando should move on.

  • Dwight and Deron are gonna run Brooklyn. The next DREAM TEAM is about to form.

  • f you da. I was referring to the previous comment

  • Leave Dwight Howard alone, He should leave Orlando, they dont care about him. Go to another team. He should have went to the Nets. Be a man and leave, let the boy stay at home. I love you, but you need to grow up.

  • I see fault all around the organization. Dwight for his comments, Stan for his coaching, and Otis for his less than stellar decisions. I say trade the big three Stan, Dwight, and Otis. lol Trade Stan for a coach who has more faith in his bench players even though u may not like them. Trade Dwight for forgetting its not about him, its about the team. Trade Otis for being Otis.

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