Manu Ginobili says Kobe Bryant is more important than Tony Parker

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Manu Ginobili said Kobe Bryant is more important to his team than Tony Parker is to the Spurs

Kobe Bryant has a supporter from an unlikely source. Manu Ginobili of the rival San Antonio Spurs spoke on the Kobe Bryant ankle injury that has become increasingly controversial, as Bryant claims it was a cheap shot by Dahntay Jones of the Atlanta Hawks. Ginobili

Coming off an embarrassing 24-point loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves, most would think Ginobili would be wishing the Spurs’ star point guard, Tony Parker wasn’t on the shelf for another month with a grade 2 ankle sprain. Instead, Manu was asked a question about a different team’s star who badly injured his ankle.

Via Spurs Nation:

But somebody asked Manu Ginobili about the Lakers losing Kobe Bryant to an ankle sprain, so Ginobili felt obliged to answer.

“Kobe is probably even more important to them than Tony is to us, and we are suffering from that,” Ginobili said after shootaround this morning. “It’s a tough situation for them.”

Ginobili was watching Wednesday on TV when Bryant went down in Atlanta. The L.A. star is expected to be out indefinitely. With the Lakers fighting for their lives at No. 8 in the Western Conference, it is an injury they could ill afford.

“They are fighting for the eight; We are fighting for the first, so we have a cushion here,” Ginobili said. “They are in a tough spot but they still have talent and they are probably going to find a way.”

The Spurs and Lakers have had many memorable playoff matchups over the years. If the Spurs hold on to that one seed and the Lakers squeak in as an eight seed, we could once again be in for a memorable series.

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