Marcus Smart: Utah Jazz Not Interested in Me

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Marcus Smart is a projected lottery pick in a loaded NBA Draft. He could go a lot higher in other years, but he’ll be one of the top picks this year nonetheless.

He could end up in a variety of places, as what he could be at the next level will change from team to team. Smart could play either guard position, but it’s possible that some franchises see him as a “tweener” combo guard.

The Utah Jazz have the fifth overall pick, and now we know who they won’t be drafting. According to Marcus Smart, the Jazz aren’t interested in his services.

smartThe tweet has since been deleted. I guess his agent told him that it’s not smart to make something like this public information. Luckily for us, it’s 2014, and nothing ever truly vanishes from the internet in the world of screenshots.

So, it looks like Marcus Smart is out of the mix for the Jazz at five. This makes sense, as they just drafted Trey Burke in the lottery last year. He could be an option for the Boston Celtics at number six, or for a number of teams a bit further down.

Lesson for Smart: don’t tell everyone who’s interested in you and who’s not. Just keep it to yourself.



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