Mark Cuban blames the CBA for the Mavs early playoff exit

  • Andy Flint

In response to fans and media attacking the Dallas Mavericks and their owner, Mark Cuban, over their lackluster playoff performance in 2012, Cuban blames the newly installed Collective Bargaining Agreement.

This comes in the wake of Oklahoma City’s ugly four game sweep of the reigning champion Mavericks that concluded with a 103-97 loss in Dallas on Friday night.

Cuban has been less than thrilled over the heat he’s catching from Mavs fans and the media, or ‘talking headless’ as he put it.

“I’ve heard some of the talking headless (media), and all I can tell you is, within the collective bargaining agreement we did everything possible to put the best possible team on the court,” he said. “Period. End of story. If someone wants to read it (the CBA) and tell me otherwise, go ahead. But it’s like I said, I think we’ve got a good team. One bounce, one break and we’re talking about we had one bad game like we had in Portland last year and we’re still up 2-1.”

Cuban also has no regrets about letting some pivotal pieces to last season’s championship run walk away. Most notable the newly dubbed Defensive Player of the Year, Tyson Chandler.

“Hell no,” Cuban said. “Nope. Not even a millisecond. Because those who are talking otherwise haven’t read the CBA and are just talking out their (expletive) without any foundation. But that’s what you guys do.

“Given what happened, I think we put together a damn good team. If we had one break, one call, one bounce, we’re having a completely different conversation and you’re thinking how smart we are instead of how stupid we are.”

Cuban did give it a shot after losing Tyson Chandler, J.J. Barea, DeShawn Stevenson and Caron Butler. They landed Vince Carter’s corpse in free agency and bartered what would likely be a late 1st rounder for Lamar Odom’s moody doppelganger.

Cuban still insists the new CBA is to blame.

“If you want to nail me for something, I’ll be the first to admit that it was a huge (expletive) that I didn’t fight for the new (CBA) harder,Cuban said. “I said it before, I’ll say it again. It put us and other teams in a bad spot, and it was an overnight handshake deal that I should have fought harder. I’m the first to say that.

“That was my mistake, because once that thing passed, our hands were tied in a lot of respects. But within that, we did the best we could. And we’re not out of it yet.”

It’s a tricky situation. A failed experiment with Lamar Odom and losing the dominant defensive presence of Tyson Chandler made for bumpy transitions in Dallas. But maybe Mark has a point.


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13 Responses to Mark Cuban blames the CBA for the Mavs early playoff exit

  • But WHAT is his problem with the CBA? I don’t get it.

  • he claims cash was too tight. He felt like the new CBA put many teams in a bad spot.

  • Good for Mark Cuban and his sorry *** Mavs. When he was giving the shaft to the Lakers over CP3 he didn’t have a problem with the collective bargaining agreement.

    • EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!

    • I agree he was so very happy to keep Chris Paul from going to the Lakers so not he gets what he deserves. I guess he just can’t fathom that he just did not get the right pieces together. I don’t think the CBA stopped him from paying Chandler.. his not wanting to pay the man what he was worth was the reason he lost Chandler. Also, not releasing odom was Mark’s way of making sure Odom could not play anywhere else against him and that was wrong. If you don’t want Lamar let him go. He was probably afraid he would run back to the Lakers; which I’m hoping will happen next season. Karma is a Bitch isn’t Mark.

  • Short-sighted considering he was the one who signed/traded for a plethora of overpaid players. Not to mention the CBA did not stop him from signing Tyson Chandler.

  • what a knucklehead talks too much and wants a camera as much as Jesse Jackson

  • Mark Cubin is a dumm ass, millionare Jock that never got to play Versity basketball… Someone please put a jock-strap across his mouth
    The Mavs are a one and done team, stop blaming the CBA for your bad management choices ie. trade players away

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  • Marc Take responsibilty for letting Tyson Chadler go. You had no defense without him. If your ever going to win again admit your faults and grow from them. You got worse not better, I never heard you admit that. Until you do and take a common sense approach of the your decisions on what pakyers to keep amd let go, you will never win again with that attitude. And like one of the comments I seen here, maybe you should have not opposed the lakes aquiring CP3. One day that will be you trying to improve your team!

  • This team was a “one year wonder” anyway.Having said that,Mark Cuban needs to man up and admit LETTING CARON GO,LETTING DESHAWN GO,J.J. GONE, TRADING TYSON CHANDLER,AND ACQUIRING LAMAR ODOM CAME BACK TO BITE HIM AND THE MAVS ORGANIZATION IN THE ASS!!!! J Kidds old,J Terry did’nt shoot like he did last year,Vince???? Same as J Kidd-OLD!!!;plus Dirk had to work too hard this season!!! All this was a recipe for disaster!!! Mavs fans should be mad as hell because Mark Cuban NOT THE CBA traded away AT LEAST GOOD CHANCES to MAYBE go on another deep playoff run. PERIOD!!!!

    • Mark, first i really liked you as a owner until this last off season. I played basketball and know way do you put a guy on your team who hit your star player in his last game at your gym. Don’
      t want Bynum on the Team either after he hit J.J. like he did. Just stupid to bring in Lamar.

      Lastly, you just got to smart or to greed for your own good. Thanks for the good run but you are done, free agents dont want to come here.


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