Mark Cuban: “I know I’m prejudiced and I know I’m bigoted in a lot of different ways”

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Mark Cuban made some bold statements to a Nashville crowd

Polarizing Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban spoke as part of the annual GrowCo conference in downtown Nashville on Wednesday night. Cuban talked about many things including being prejudiced and bigoted. When Cuban was asked about bigotry he gave a rather surprising transparent response instead of the usual cliché answer.

Via Shelley DuBois, sdubois@tennessean.com:

On bigotry in general:I know I’m prejudiced and I know I’m bigoted in a lot of different ways. If I see a black kid in a hoodie on my side of the street, I’ll move to the other side of the street. If I see a white guy with a shaved head and tattoos, I’ll move back to the other side of the street. None of us have pure thoughts, we all live in glass houses.

It will be interesting to see if Cuban votes to keep Donald Sterling as owner of the Los Angeles Clippers after these remarks. When asked, Cuban said he’s not ready to share which way he’s going to vote, but says he already knows what he’ll choose. In case you forgot, Cuban originally said that booting Sterling out of the NBA would be a “slippery slope” and that he didn’t think the NBA could force him out.

“What Donald said was wrong. It was abhorrent,” Cuban said. “There’s no place for racism in the NBA, any business I’m associated with. But at the same time, that’s a decision I make. I think you’ve got to be very, very careful when you start making blanket statements about what people say and think, as opposed to what they do. It’s a very, very slippery slope.”

“How many people are bigoted in one way or the other in this league?” Cuban asked. “I don’t know. But you find one, all of a sudden you say well, you can’t play favorites being racist against African-Americans. Where do you draw the line?”

“But that has nothing to do with the rules that we have to live by,” Cuban said. “There’s a lot of things I don’t agree with that by letter and rule of law has to happen anyway. When you live in a country of laws, you want to support the laws.”

Do you agree with Cuban’s statement on bigotry?


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32 Responses to Mark Cuban: “I know I’m prejudiced and I know I’m bigoted in a lot of different ways”

  • Love your neighbor no matter how hard at times and this world will be a better place.I can dream can’t I ???

  • I feel all nationalities are somewhat bigoted and to a degree racist…not condoning this, however. I feel if a tape recorder were in Chinese, African American, Native American, etc., etc. homes, offices, etc., we would hear the same comments as Sterling said, against the races that weren’t present…be it white, black, etc., or (stereotyped situations, like said above).

  • quite tip toeing around it! contrary to what Jessie Jackson says, I’m a minority and prejudice and at times fill like kicking some ones butt but I don’t act on it cause it would be wrong. mark cuban is right if i see a something or someone that doesn’t look safe i avoid them. you’d be an idiot if you didn’t especially if your out with your lady. the owners who vote against sterling will be hypocrites! as for all this fake outrage, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  • The US dominated world we live in today came about as a direct result of some of the cruelest and inhumane treatment of humans in the history of human kind. 100 million Native Americans were slaughtered and had the majority of their lands stolen, 100 million Africans died as a result of the transatlantic slave trade followed by 400 years of government sanctioned institutionalization of slavery that followed, countless poor Europeans, Chinese and Latinos who died working under slave like conditions to forge this new US dominated world. Often what connected the dots between those who subjugated and those who got subjugated was race.

    That we continue to have a global race problem should not therefore be a surprise to the discerning eye. However, being that we’ve seen recent movements like those led by Gandhi and MLK one would think that the symptom “racism” would have been eradicated from our society by now. You would be wrong of course. That which made the mighty mighty, the exploitation of natural resources and labor for personal gain, is as old as prostitution. I would, therefore, not expect a pimp to directly insult another pimp who displays similar pimp traits as his own, only the way the pimp plays the game. The eradication of racism will cease to plague our society only when the economic playing field is leveled. I don’t advocate a redistribution, however, I do advocate fairness in the use and benefit of that which the creator bestowed, not upon a few, but upon us all.

  • I agree most if not all of us do it at some point and time.

  • No wonder Birdman couldn’t get a job in the NBA for a year. Cuban hates shaved head white guys with Tats.

  • Mark Cuban is just another racist bigoted white man skirting around the issue, Don`t hold your breath expecting Cuban to vote against Donald Sterling.

    • And your most likely a racist,bigoted, Black man !!!!!!!!!

      • Jim, something tells me that you’re an angry, angry white man!!! Mark Cuban is a Jewish man and I have heard many types of people say how Jewish people are so money hungry and will cheat you out of your money given the chance and I ask you Jim, is that fair to Mr. Cuban. White people seem to forget that there are races of people who do not think good of them at all, want a few examples? Evil,Prejudice,rude,greedy,cold,inconsiderate of the land and killers and those are just a few, who play very dumb in some very obvious cases, some white people just simply can not hide there hate for some minorities, black people being number one on their list, should black people cross the street? Don’t get me wrong, black people know better than anybody an evil prejudiced person but there are those of you who will come across like angels and fool some of the people but not all, but what is a minority to do? Since white people see themselves at the top of the ladder, they don’t seem to care or go there at least not most of you. How do white people see their own race of people and what they are capable of doing. Back to Mark, I see plenty of programs about how the jews suffered in ww11 because of prejudice and pure hate from white people(Germans), Mark Cuban could not possible think this prejudice is ok, he needs to rethink about what he says about being prejudice and more about safety as anyone would and I seriously doubt that as rich as Mr. Cuban is, he would feel the need to cross the street due to a black person coming down it and wearing a hoodie. I have found myself thinking something bad about someone because of the way the person was dressed and the young person could not have been any nicer and I was wrong and learned several very lessons along the way but some people refuse these lessons and Mr. Cuban is one of those people and if I were Mr. Cuban I would wonder what the world is saying about jewish person after jewish person and how they have been called out for stealing large amounts of money and being “PREJUDICED,” when their’s has been a hunted and hated group, unfairly treated because of “PREJUDICED” thinking people. There is good in each and every race on this earth, it just depends on the person and people need to STOP saying “I don’t see color” yes the hell they do, you just do not wish to deal with it, maybe you do not care to be kind to other people but you see unless you’re blind. Right about now I would really hate Mark Cuban being the owner of my basket ball team with him saying he’s PREJUDICED!

    • Gl, I agree with you there and if I played on his basketball team I would be hating it right about now having a boss say he’s PREJUDICED! And I’m a black male. My question to Cuban would be why are you PREJUDICED, parents, growing up environment, you know the world seems to have it in for jews too, which is what he is or did he forget that?

  • Cuban is a well liked well respected owner throughout the NBA. His carefully, worded comments seem to have the opposite effect, than that of Donald Sterlings has. I feel he is supporting his fellow owner by admitting to his bigotry.
    It’s a shame that a private recording caused Sterling to fight for 30 yrs of ownership, but that’s how it goes when you don’t know how to carefully use your words.

  • Everyone, without exception, is prejudiced about someone or something. Anyone who says he harbors NO prejudice is an ignorant fool.

  • Just another case of a rich white racist man making ignorant comments. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets the boot from the NBA too.

  • GL said; Mark Cuban is just another racist bigoted white man skirting around the issue, Don`t hold your breath expecting Cuban to vote against Donald Sterling.

    It’s Good thing GL never once in his lifetime thought ill of another race other than his own. He must be the second incarnation of Ghandi or the 15th incarnation of Budda. Let me guess, your of african descent?

  • Although I don’t follow the NBA that closely, and am just vaguely aware of Mark Cuban, I thought his comments were pretty upfront and sage. We ALL have our prejudices and pre-conceived notions. I don’t have a problem with African American people-never did-wasn’t raised that way. But in certain situations, like Cuban mentioned, your antennae go up and you are on your guard. Anyone who denies that is lying. And it goes both (all) ways. I narrowly escaped being in downtown Oakland when the Rodney King verdict was announced back in 1992. I have a list of African-American/black friends/coworkers, etc, as long as your arm, but those kids running around smashing white people’s car windows etc, weren’t paying any attention to that!! White people don’t have any corner on the market on racism.

    As for Sterling, it was just plain dumb. Not good to think that way, and worse to give vent to it. He’s painted himself into a corner. The other owners can’t support him-his rights to free speech don’t matter here. The choice is to be “holier than thou” in the name of righteousness, or to look like you support a big mouthed old bigot. Most of the comments understand the “glass house” idea, and the hypocrisy of the situation. But the choice to come out against him is the better one, for all concerned except Sterling.

    • WildBill, you sound like a really decent man but black people have to be careful of white people because they do not know which ones will hate them,fire them from their jobs or deny them out of a house simply because they are black. It happens and I know you know, just because you were not raised that way doesn’t mean a friend of yours was, this is not good to experience and white people have a different mindset being at the top of the ladder, so think about this please, it’s really hard when you can not relate because it doesn’t happen to you.

  • I agree with Cuban’s comments overall. The issue with Donald Sterling is not just this leaked conversation, it’s a validation of his previous racist behavior of which he was sued, and fined $3.5m by the government for illegal practices as it relates tenant rights. We’ve all read about the things that he and his wife have said previously, but to hear confirmation from his own mouth as to his true feelings about anyone not like him is appalling. He further reiterated his hatred for others with his CNN interview.

    The Sterling should not be allowed to profit off those they find so offensive by their mere existence.

  • there fore do not speak the truth. Good grief.

  • Can some please explain to me the difference between Cuban & Sterlings remarks, because to me they are saying the same thing, so why isn’t Cuban being held to the same standard that Sterlings is ?????? It’s all bullshit !!!!!!!!!

    • I agree, well when Mark Cuban is told by someone that they are prejudice against jews, I wonder what will be his reaction then. Mr. Cuban is so rich that he thinks he’s superman and can say he’s prejudice and no problem but it is a problem, because his race in europe was killed because of prejudice and pure and evil hate. What have black people done to Mark Cuban to provoke him to say if a black male walking down the street he crosses it, hell what about women, women are very subject to danger. If I were interviewing Mr. Cuban I would ask him and hope he would be honest who knows, whether or not a black person ever robbed him or violated him in any way or he hates because he just hates.

  • Why isn’t Cuban’s statements being held to the same standards as Sterlings ?????? Can someone please explain to me why he isn’t on the carpet as Sterling ?????

  • P.S. How does the NAACP award Donald Sterling a Man Of The Year Award a few years ago if he is such a White Bigot, check it out………….. Could it be about the Money he gave to them !!!!!!!!!

  • How can anyone read this article and say that Cuban is skirting the issue? He’s being more honest than anybody else I’ve heard. Most are trying to say the right things for the microphone. I appreciate Cuban being candid and forthcoming about his views. And you know what? Most Americans are the exact same as he has described, just too wimpy and politically correct to admit it. This is why we have “white flight” when minorities start taking over a neighborhood, this is why most black churches are filled mostly with black people, etc. Like it or not, there’s nothing wrong with being biased and preferring to live among, marry, worship with, etc., etc. your own kind. It’s not racist. It’s HUMAN.

    • Yes Bob, it’s your white america!!! Now Bob you know it’s much more to it than that, your people seem so confused and if they weren’t so lazy they would not have ever come to this country full of native american people to take over and then bring africans over to do all the work for free, this is where you lost your “white america,” Bob, you are fooling the hell out of yourself. Africa was filled with black people but your white people went there and took over ,so it’s not human nature it’s your race wanting to dominate!

  • I belong to a black website. There is a lot of talk. They blame white people for almost everything. Sterling is a moderate compared to them.

  • Mark is being prudent. Why would anyone go near any potentially situation if it can be avoided. Many young men of every group like to project the tough guy image. Are you going to bet your life on who is really the dangerous one?

  • “Your people”? And who might that be? At least we all know now who is the real racist in this thread. Anybody took your land? Have you been forced to work for free? No, you haven’t, so get over yourself. I don’t owe you anything and neither does anybody else.

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