Mark Cuban: “No chance” Mavs retire Jason Kidd’s number

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It looks like getting your jersey raised into the rafters as a Dallas Maverick’s legend takes more than a few solid years and a championship. In this case, Mark Cuban, is preaching loyalty, and apparently Jason Kidd doesn’t fit the proverbial “glass slipper“. 

Mark Cuban says “no chance” the Mavs retire Jason Kidd’s number via ESPN Dallas/Fort Worth.

“I was more than upset,” Cuban said. “I thought he was coming. I was pissed. … “J. Kidd is a big boy; he can do whatever he wants. But you don’t change your mind like that. That was … yeah. I’m sure I’ll get over it at some point, but as of now, I wouldn’t put J. Kidd’s number in the rafters.” 

The Mavericks owner and Shark Tank personality, Mark Cuban, seems a bit peeved with J-Kidd and his decision to ditch Dallas for the New York Knicks.

Cuban had said that Kidd’s decision “hurt my feelings” and Cuban’s recent lash towards the future hall of famer is undoubtedly an extension of his anger towards Kidd’s overall choice to leave the Mavs.

“He’s a good guy, but I just thought that was wrong,” Cuban said. “You can’t put a guy’s number in the rafters when he decides he doesn’t want to be there.

Cuban feels played by Kidd during the off-season, claiming the point guard wasn’t straight forward about wanting to leave. Cuban went on to praise Jason Terry for being honest and up front about wanting to explore his options and even says that the likelihood of Terry’s jersey eventually reaching the rafters will be considered.

“Putting somebody up in the rafters, that’s something sacred in my mind,” Cuban said. “You don’t just do it just to do it, to have a big ceremony, to sell tickets. You haven’t seen me decide yet. I go back and forth on Derek Harper all the time, but Harp will be up there before J. Kidd will.” 

“I’ve always said my prerequisite was that you played on a championship team for the Mavs. I’d say Jet’s got a shot, Dirk’s an obvious, but as of right now I wouldn’t put J. Kidd up there.” 

Well, there you have it. As of right now, Jason Kidd’s number does not seem like it has a chance of being featured in the rafters of the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.


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5 Responses to Mark Cuban: “No chance” Mavs retire Jason Kidd’s number

  • I absoloutely agree with Mark Cuban. You do not retire a player’s number after he has snubed the organization that got him the ring, considering the money was not an issue & the general understanding was that he would be back. Jason Kidd told a reporter that he did not mind to be a back up to D. Williams.

  • Cuban is a businessman. He didn’t cough up the dough. It’s business, stop your whining.

  • Cuban needs to chill out. We know you’re rich and like to be heard and in charge all the time but J Kidd is a grown man and that’s the choice that he felt was best for him on the business tip…by the way I don’t think Kidd will lose any sleep just because his name won’t be hung in the Mavericks rafters. I could see if this was the Lakers or the Celtics but the Mavericks, come on man. People forgot that you guys won the championship as soon as the season was over.

  • Sounds to me like Mark Cuban is a spiteful owner. If Cuban likes you and you put up with the dirt he kicks in your face and you take it you’re up in the rafters. If Cuban treated team members other than Dirk without loyalty why wait for him to bring in a superstar guard ie saying what you bring to the game is nolonger good enough. The hand writing was on the wall for Jason Kidd and Cuban failed with his attempt to pull the trigger and Jason got before he could, end of story.

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