Mark Cuban releases video used in recruitment of Dwight Howard

  • Jason Whitney

Polarizing Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has decided to release the video used to woo Dwight Howard to the Mavericks. The video was an animation of Dwight Howard’s life, past and present. As you probably would expect, using animation to recruit Dwight Howard would seem like the prefect recruitment pitch, but unfortunately didn’t work.

The theme is funny as the Mavericks used taglines that I’m sure had even Dwight Howard laughing. I mean, did Mark Cuban have a straight face while presenting this child-like video to Dwight? I’m sure Howard probably asked for a copy before he left, but Cuban had to have been either drunk or watching old clips of Howard in a Orlando Magic uniform playing in the NBA Finals when coming up with these taglines.

“A hero and future MVP is sent to earth” 

“This one is defined by effort…and commitment”

“He is known for his burning desire to win”

Check it out:


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