Mark Cuban Stands Up For Jason Terry, Brandon Knight

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Jason Terry was one of Mark Cuban's key players in Dallas. credit:

Jason Terry was one of Mark Cuban’s key players in Dallas.

In the world of Youtube and social media that we live in today, ripping on players who get dunked on has become a hobby for many. Brandon Knight was ridiculed following the DeAndre Jordan dunk, and Jason Terry had a similar experience after getting in the way of LeBron James. It’s gotten to the point where fans focus more on the player that gets dunked on than the player dunking.

But, the reality is, you have to applaud players like Terry and Knight who try to make the right basketball play, and make a defensive effort. That is better than simply getting out of the way and giving up a guaranteed two points, right?

Well, Mark Cuban thinks so.

Cuban is one of the most outspoken owners in sports, and he recently came to the defense of Terry and Knight. Via Newsday:

Jason Terry has been a human pinata for the better part of the last three days, subjected to ridicule for getting posterized by LeBron James in the Heat’s win over the Celtics in Boston Sunday. Many observers believe Terry — just like when the Pistons’ Brandon Knight got dunked on by the Clippers’ DeAndre Jordan — simply should have gotten out of the way as James was about to catch the alley-oop.

Cuban vehemently disagrees with that assertion.

“More credit for Jet. I’m of the opposite category,” the Mavs owner said last night. It’s the gutless who worry about what they look like in a poster and it’s the real guys, the real players who have no problem playing the game. “Like I said before, I give credit to Brandon Knight, I give credit to Jet. You do your job and not care about the posters or the tweets. Those are the kind of guys teams wants.”

Any basketball fundamentalist would agree that Jason Terry and Brandon Knight made the right play. In a league where games come down to one or two possessions, how can you justify getting out of the way and conceding a free basket?

These get paid the big bucks to make the right plays, which is exactly what Terry and Knight did. Mark Cuban is right here.

-Mark Evans, Assistant Manager/Editor of Content

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