Mason Plumlee Rejects LeBron James to Win the Game

  • Mark Evans

In their last meeting of the regular season, the Brooklyn Nets prevailed in a tight game against the Miami Heat. The Heat were unable to beat the Nets during the regular season, which has to give the Nets some confidence heading into the postseason.

The game came down to LeBron barreling down the lane with the clock running down. Sounds like good news for the Heat, right?

Well, not if rookie Mason Plumlee has something to say about it. You can see the block below.

LeBron wanted a foul, and he may have had a case. Regardless, the Nets prevailed , and you have to wonder why the Heat can’t seem to figure out Brooklyn.

Plumlee has been huge for the Nets all season, who have needed the big man’s production in the absence of Kevin Garnett.


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