Matt Barnes has expletive-filled rant on Twitter following scuffle with Serge Ibaka

  • Jason Whitney

You wouldn’t know it by Matt Barnes expletive-filled rant following an ejection, but the Los Angeles Clippers got a big win over the Oklahoma City Thunder. With the second quarter winding down, Blake Griffin and Matt Barnes got into a scuffle with Serge Ibaka resulting in the ejection of Ibaka and Barnes. Well Barnes took exception to this and decided to unleash his anger via Twitter.


Of course Barnes deleted this shortly after, but the damage was already done. To be fair to Barnes, he did claim he was trying to stick up for his teammate, but it looked as if Griffin did have Ibaka in some sort of arm bar when the two were tangled up. Barnes is the one who lost his cool and shoved Ibaka. Don’t blame this on sticking up for your teammates Barnes. When will athletes learn that you can’t vent your frustrations on social media outlets? I’m assuming never.


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