Mavericks Will Release Delonte West, Sign Eddy Curry

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Earlier today, we told you that the Dallas Mavericks were suspending guard Delonte West yet again. The troubled combo guard had already been suspended this preseason, and his issues are well documented.

Last we heard of Eddy Curry, he was trying to make the San Antonio Spurs.

Apparently, Mavericks management is dropping one headache, and swapping it for another.

According to Slam Online, the Mavericks are releasing Delonte West, and replacing his roster spot with Eddy Curry.

The Mavericks wasted no time filling a need – and the roster spot that will be created when Delonte West is waived – by putting in a waiver claim for veteran NBA center Eddy Curry, a source said.

How does Eddy Curry keep getting contracts? Seriously. When’s the last time he does something? He was exiled to the end of the bench all season for the Miami Heat last year, a team desperate for a serviceable big man. He’s got nothing left, but clearly some people around the league disagree.

As for Delonte West, you’ll have to think that something significant was going on here that we don’t know about. He’s a productive player, and you wouldn’t think Dallas was looking to release someone like him, who knows the system from last year, right before the beginning of the regular season.

We’ll see if either of these guys pan out this season, wherever that might be. Maybe Eddy Curry will get a shot while Dirk Nowitzki recovers from surgery. He shouldn’t, but maybe Rick Carlisle thinks he’s worthy.

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