Metta World Peace, Kenyon Martin have heated argument

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It sounds like reports from within the Knicks’ locker room are confirming that forwards, Metta World Peace, and Kenyon Martin, nearly came to blows during a pregame workout on Sunday.

Ian Begley of ESPN New York reports that World Peace and Martin began to “jaw at each other” during their workouts, which escalated into the two nearly fighting each other, before being separated.

“There was no pushing or shoving, certainly no punches, but it was heated,” a source said. “They were jawing at each other and you’re talking about two guys who are pretty explosive, guys you wouldn’t want to mess with. It settled down, but nobody was too eager to jump in between them, let’s put it that way.”

No real word of what the argument was over, but reports would indicate that they squashed the beef prior to their 103-99 loss to the New Orleans Pelicans that same day.

The Knicks are frustrated because they’ve assembled a team that they felt could compete. Not only are they struggling to compete with the top teams in the east, but they’re struggling to win the games that should have been gimmes. The Knicks have sunk to the bottom of the Eastern Conference at 3-13 (tied with the Milwaukee Bucks), and a quick turnaround is nowhere in sight.

It’s common to see veteran players get worked up when their team is playing poorly. The monumental catastrophe that has been the Knicks’ season is enough to make even the coolest heads explode, and we’re certainly not talking about a couple of choirboys. We’re talking about two of the NBA’s shortest fuses. It’s no wonder nobody in the Knicks’ locker room wanted to get involved.

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