Metta World Peace Wants To Avoid ‘Kobe Show’

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Over the course of his storied career, Kobe Bryant has been known to dominate an offense, for better or worse. When his team gets down, ‘Kobe show’ can kick into effect, where Bryant dominates the ball and begins shooting almost every shot. Anyone who has watched him play knows exactly what I’m talking about.

This has happened multiple times this season, particularly with Pau Gasol and Steve Nash on the bench. With guys like Chris Duhon, Jordan Hill, and Jodie Meeks around him, ‘Kobe show’ has been in full effect on a few occasions. When this happens, the Lakers tend to have a lesser winning percentage. Metta World Peace, among many others, know that this is not a good offensive scheme. Via the LA Times:

“I’m happy that Coach went back to his offense,” World Peace said. “He was hired for a reason. He was hired to bring an offense in. When he got here, he got a little complacent, a little bit confident, and went away from this offense and it turned into the Kobe show.

“When it turns into the Kobe show, it’s hard for everybody to put pressure on. When we put pressure on the other team, all five guys out there, they’ve got to use their legs. Anybody that uses a treadmill, they know you get tired after a while. After an hour, you want to get off that treadmill. Sometimes when we play, Kobe is the only man running on the treadmill and everybody else is relaxing.

There are times where World Peace doesn’t make any sense at all, but this isn’t one of them. He’s dead right here.

It’s hard for anyone to get into much of a rhythm when one guy is dribbling the ball down and shooting without anyone else touching the ball. It’s just not good team basketball, no matter who your teammates are.

That being said, I’m sure what Metta said won’t change Kobe one bit. At this point, he is who he is.

-Mark Evans, Assistant Manager/Editor of Content

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  • When given the chance to handle the ball,guys like meta world nonsense or whatever mess up the lakers they are the reason why Kobe show must go own,without Kobe,lakers could have been buried by now,let other guys stand up and be counted

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