Michael Beasley shows us again why he is an idiot

  • Jason Whitney

Michael Beasley says he’s just happy being one of the youngest

Apparently Michael Beasley thinks he is going to play a critical role in the Miami Heat’s bid to three-peat this season. Beasley also feels pretty damn good about being the youngest player on the team, so much that he quoted Norris Cole’s age and years in the league. Seriously though, Beasley is stoked to have found out that he is the youngest on the Miami Heat squad.

Via Sun Sentinel:

“I’m 24,” Beasley said. “I’m like the youngest guy. Norris Cole is older than me. This is his third year and he’s considered one of the young guys on this team but he’s older than me. I’m the young guy again and it feels good.”

Oh boy. I suppose I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Beasley is only three months younger than Norris Cole. So yes Beasley, technically you are right. Beasley, who will turn 25 this season, also forgot to mention that he is younger than Greg Oden by nearly a full year!

Where am I taking this? Well Beasley thinks this is uber important because the past three seasons he had to play the role of veteran. This was too tall of an order for Beasley, as he was traded and released from the last two franchises he was part of.

“The last three years I was the veteran,” Beasley said. “To come back and be the young guy again, it’s a little different. I’m taking it all in stride.”

Beasley wasn’t done however. The question of pressure came up and how this may be his last shot to prove he isn’t a waste of talent. Beasley acknowledged this and stated that the pressure is on him, but then again, it’s not. But if the Heat lose, then he will be blamed. Um, sure!

“It’s a lot at stake,” Beasley said.

“If I come here and we don’t win, I’m the one to blame. There’s pressure and then it’s not. It’s not pressure because I’m playing with some of the greatest the game has to offer. I’m really not that worried about that now. It’s good and it’s bad. Like I said, I’m working hard and taking it day by day.”

Yeah, I guess that’s what you get Beasley for becoming a pariah and a distraction during your entire NBA tenure. However, with LeBron James, Chris Bosh and coach Erik Spoelstra, there will be plenty of blame to go around before it reaches Beasley and his 11 minutes a game.

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8 Responses to Michael Beasley shows us again why he is an idiot

  • Nonesensical take on what Beasley said.

    This is just a retarded response on your behalf. Not to mention this proves Beasley right.
    See the amount of vitriolic stupidity being spewed in his direction because of 1 single interview.

    • Jason Whitney

      A Beas fan, I love it! “vitriolic,” “stupidity,” “Spewed,” Easy Websters!

      All jokes aside, the guy needs to shut up and just play. There is no pressure on him. The previous two franchises booted him and now he is getting a third shot when no other team wanted him. Sorry you took the post as serious as you did

      • Not just a Beas fan. I’m a fan of all kids trying to make in professional basketball. I love the sport and hate to see talent go to waste.

        Point is that there’s really no reason to pile on Beasley at this point.

        A lot of guys talk, and while I agree that all he needs to do is “just shut up and play”, you can’t fault him for saying what is patently obvious – a lot of people have claimed you can’t win with Beasley, so it goes without saying that if Miami doesn’t win, a lot of guys will look to blame Beasley.

        • Jason Whitney

          I’m with ya man, I don’t like to see talent go to waste either, but I also think he’s taking up a potential roster spot of someone who could be busting their ass and is glad to be in the NBA without the extracurricular stuff. The guy has been dumped everywhere he’s been and by multiple coaches. With that said, hopefully for his sake he gets his crap together. But how many minutes realistically is he going to play on that team? I don’t think he’ll be blamed if they lose, he’s a role player on that team at best – with some potential.

      • There is pressure on this dude. Internalized pressure to be sure, but pressure nonetheless. There is the chance to completely and forever blow any further opportunity within the NBA if he fails to get this right. He is a perennial drug addled screw-up so the odds are he will blow this final gig. It seems marijuana use is contributing to evident psychological issues. Dude needs help. He’s likely not going to get it in the NBA.

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