Michael Jordan to come back for one game with the Bobcats says Jalen Rose (VIDEO)

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Could Michael Jordan come back for one game?

During Grantland’s NBA season preview, Jalen Rose made a bold prediction about His Airness. Rose claims that he thinks Michael Jordan will come back for one game this season for the Bobcats. Of course I’m not going to take this prediction seriously as Rose shortly after shared a laugh with Bill Simmons.

However, Rose and Simmons did make a good point about a “possible” MJ return. If Jordan did come back for just one game, the amount of revenue the team could make would be astronomical. The Bobcats marketing team could sell Michael Jordan jerseys, premier a new 30 year anniversary Nike shoe, and best of all, the arena would have fans in the seats!

Obviously this will never happen as the NBA would have to agree to allow Jordan a one-game waiver rule because he is an owner. From a marketing and fan point of few, this would be a total success for the NBA. Imagine if it was against the Miami Heat and Jordan went up against LeBron James? The game would break all types of television records!

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