Michael Jordan weighs in on his Bobcats tanking

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Michael Jordan says his Bobcats will not be tanking

Michael Jordan let everyone know loud and clear that his Charlotte Bobcats will not be tanking this season. I’m not sure if we would know the difference between the Bobcats tanking or trying to win, but nevertheless His Airness reiterated that is not the case in Bobcat land. In fact Jordan said if that was his intention he never would have signed Al Jefferson to 13 million a year.

Via AP/Big Story:

The Bobcats owner scoffed at the idea Friday, telling The Associated Press, “I don’t know if some teams have thought of that. That’s not something that we would do. I don’t believe in that.”

He then laughed heartily and said, “If that was my intention I never would have paid (free agent) Al Jefferson $13 million a year.”

“It’s not guaranteed (the player) you are going to get is going to be that star anyway,” Jordan said. “I did read that certain teams are thinking about doing it. But I’m not one of them. So let’s alleviate that conversation.”

Of course Jordan is never going to admit if his team is going to tank because of all the disciplinarian actions that would ensue, but with a loaded draft coming up, you’d think that he’d want to have a chance at Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker. I don’t think MJ and his Bobcats need to be worried about being accused of tanking, as winning would be something the franchise hasn’t seen much of during his tenure.

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