Michael Jordan’s son, Marcus Jordan, will not be playing basketball at UCF

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Marcus Jordan
credit: US Presswire

It must be tough to be the son of the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan. The expectations are enormous, and it’s pretty much impossible to live up to them no matter how good you become. Everyone wants you to be like your dad, which is quite the tall task.

Marcus Jordan, the son of Michael Jordan, proved to be a pretty good player. He played at Division One University of Central Florida, and averaged 14 points per game. Put it in perspective, as not many people get to be a solid contributor to a Division One team. That being said, he’s no Michael.

Well, now, his basketball career might be over.

Reportedly, Marcus Jordan will not be playing at UCF next season.

Marcus Jordan, the youngest son of Michael Jordan, has decided not to play at the University  of Central Florida next season. Jordan was second on the Knights in  scoring as a junior, averaging 13.7 points per game. Via the Orlando Sentinel: “Jordan is going to take classes at the university, but he won’t be playing for the  Knights

It doesn’t say exactly the reason why he decided not to play. Maybe he was pushed to play because of his father, and never really enjoyed it. Or maybe there is a personal reason that is none of our business.

Whatever the reason, it would be interesting to gather Michael’s take on it.

Anyway, we wish Marcus Jordan nothing but the best, whether he is on or off the court.

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