Mike Brown: Cavs Will Make A Run At LeBron

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credit: gannett-cdn.com

credit: gannett-cdn.com

Mike Brown was recently fired by the Cleveland Cavaliers for the second time following a disappointing season that ended without a playoff run. Since then, the team ahs won the lottery, and will be selecting first overall in this summer’s NBA Draft.

So, naturally, the talk of LeBron James returning to Cleveland has heated up. The Cavs will have plenty of young talent to offer, but it’s unclear whether or not that group is ready to win next yeear with LeBron as their leader.

Regardless, Brown believes that the Cavs will make a serious run at LeBron this summer. Via Cleveland.com:

Brown joined The Dan LeBatard Show on Sports Talk 104.3 The Ticket and hinted at the Cavs’ off-season plan.

“I think they will definitely try to make a run at him,” Brown said. “With him being from this area it makes more sense for Cleveland to go after him than any other team besides the Miami Heat.”

When Brown was asked whether he thinks James would consider a return to the city where his NBA career got started, Brown responded by saying, “I don’t know.” He then spoke about the lure of returning home.

While Bron obviously won’t be involved in any more decision making with the Cavs, hee’s certainly familiar with the way they run their business.

It’s not a surprise that the Cavs will go after LeBron; the real question is whether or not he wants to return.



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