Mike Dunleavy: Feud with Tyler Hansbrough Led to Hard Fouls Thursday Night?

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It’s no secret that teams often, if not always, have certain players that probably wouldn’t associate with each other if not for being placed on the same roster. Apparently former Pacer and current Buck forward Mike Dunleavy and current Pacer forward Tyler Hansbrough are among that group.

After the Buck’s 118-109 loss to the Pacers on Thursday night, Dunleavy didn’t exactly have kind things to say about Mr. Hansbrough, and even insinuated that Hansbrough may have sent his teammates Leandro Barbosa and David West after him during the game. This is a snippet of what he told Bucks beat writer Charles Gardner: “He (Hansbrough) pulled something that wasn’t right. It’s too bad other guys had to come in the fray on it…Barbosa and West didn’t play with me. At least they sent them to do the dirty work.” See the full quote here,

Just last month, Dunleavy was responsible for breaking Hansbrough’s nose. Plus, I would really like to know what Hansbrough did that started this feud. Are we talking a bad prank on Dunleavy, or a Tony Parker/Brent Barry situation? Either way, it’s very interesting that Dunleavy was so blunt about the circumstances, and publicly accusing the Pacers of essentially coming after him on purpose.

Do we have any NBA Bounty situation looming? Stay tuned.

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