Mike Miller and James Jones to the Cavs

  • Cameron Wilkosz
image from nba.com

image from nba.com


Have you played with LeBron James and the Heat recently? If so you can expect a call soon from Cavs GM David Griffin.

Former Miami Heat wingmen Mike Miller and James Jones have come to agreements to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers.
Mike Miller had reportedly been offered a 3 year deal worth $12 million, but instead chose to play for the Cavs on a 2 year $5.5 million dollar deal, the second year being a player option.

James Jones has reportedly signed a one year deal for the veterans minimum, adding exactly what a new Cleveland squad needed, pocket shooters.

If LeBron leaving town wasn’t a big enough blow for the Miami Heat organization, the Cavs actually have the Heat’s first round pick this season as a part of the original sign-and-trade with LeBron. Since Miami used their amnesty clause on Mike Miller a season ago, they will be paying part of his salary for him to play in Cleveland.

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