NBA GM says the Knicks would be better off with Carmelo Anthony gone

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Would the Knicks be better off with Carmelo Anthony leaving next year?

Despite the New York Knicks mini three-game win streak, the team still sits 3.5 games out of the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference. But the Knicks may have larger issues to face besides missing the playoffs this season. Star player Carmelo Anthony has stated that he will test the free agent market this season and rumors have been nonstop since Melo’s preseason proclamation. However, if the Knicks were to lose Anthony, one anonymous general manager believes this would be a good thing.


“I really think if Carmelo left them, he may be doing them a favor,” said the ex-GM, who has no ties to the Knicks. “They probably don’t see it that way. But in the long run, it’s probably doing them a favor.”

The theory behind the GM’s comments is that the Knicks would be able to reload after the 2014-2015 NBA season. The Knicks would be armed with a boatload of cap space and their 2015 first round pick. In addition, the Knicks play in New York City, which is a coveted place to play for any free agent.

“New York is the greatest city in the world and the Garden is the best place to play basketball,” he said. “Guys want to go to play in New York. It’s going to hurt for a little bit. But if you have cap space, it’s not going to be that hard to get a good player to come to New York.”

The anonymous GM has a point, but could the Knicks sell their fan base on another rebuilding year with the hopes of having a high draft pick and money to go after free agents? Or have Carmelo Anthony on a max contract on the wrong side of 30? These questions will probably be contingent on how the Knicks finish out this season. Stay tuned…

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3 Responses to NBA GM says the Knicks would be better off with Carmelo Anthony gone

  • this is to the NBA’s GM, the NBA is more then likely better off with a GM that keeps to himself when it comes to matters like this. your job is not to comment on what player is better off where, or what team is better off without someone, or maybe it should be written into your contract to start managing all the NBA’s teams, wha t should LA do without Kobe??? how about Boston or the Jazz????

    to be honest i think the NBA and it’s Fans would be better off without you!!! check your job description I’m sure it says nothing about which team you should be giving advice on players to…. please deposit your two cents somewhere it’s need…

  • ABSOLUTELY! THis is why Carmelo doesn’t want Jackson here. Jackson will trade him because Melo is not a championship player.

    • If Melo is not a championship player then what makes a championship player???
      the man carries the team on his back half the time, if you’ve been watching the last few games you would see that the man has developed his game where he no longer just goes isolation, when he’s doubled up he dishes the ball to the open man which has been Stats. just take the time and look at the numbers, you might learn something… the cream always rises to the top!!! and that’s where you’ll find MELO!!!!!! go back to Brooklyn.

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