NBA Has Already Warned Ten Players For Flopping

  • Mark Evans

James Harden is a player that many believe will be fined for flopping at some point.

The NBA league office made news when they announced that players would be fined for flopping in an effort to phase out part of the game that has become a bit of a problem in recent years. With increasing fine levels for repeated offenders, the hope is that the fines will be enough to stop the flop.

David Stern was very vocal about this, showing that the commissioner is fully behind the movement.

It’s only the preseason, but it looks like the league is getting serious about flopping.

According to Grantland, the league has already warned players regarding flopping.

Golden State guard Jarrett Jack said the league warned him about flopping in a preseason game. “So I’ve been warned for flopping hahaha,” Jack tweeted.

A league source told that NBA officials warned “about 10” players for flopping, but the league refused to release the names.

This is a little surprising for two reasons. First of all, is the league really going to enact punishment in the preseason? Second of all, why are players already flopping? It’s the preseason! The games don’t mean anything!

Nonetheless, credit the NBA for sticking to their guns here. It’s interesting to think of who might already be on this list, in addition to Jarrett Jack, who tweeted his displeasures, as shown above. James Harden, I’d look out if I were you.

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