NBA jerseys will “likely” have small advertisements on them by 2013

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NBA Jerseys may soon have small advertisements.
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Although we sometimes like to believe that professional sports are all about passion and competition, there are often painful reminders that it is a business. A very major business move may be on the way in basketball. NBA jerseys could be a great marketing point. According to NBA deputy commissioner Adam Silver, sponsorships will likely appear on NBA jerseys by the 2013-2014 seasons. This idea has been thrown around for a while now, but has not yet been enacted. The NBA will become the first major North American sports league to have advertisements on their jerseys.

The amount of revenue that could be brought in by this is unclear, but you have to imagine that it would be very substantial. Even a small advertisement space would be in very high demand.

This comes after last season’s lockout, where owners complained about not being able to make a profit with their franchise. Very recently, Micky Arison said that the world champion Miami Heat will probably lose money this season.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like the NBA owners are on a Ramen Noodle diet. But still.

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15 Responses to NBA jerseys will “likely” have small advertisements on them by 2013

  • I can’t speak for anyone else, but this will significantly affect the way in which I consume the NBA product. I will never for the rest of my life buy a piece of NBA apparel, for one. But its just another step in this direction by a league that increasingly disgusts me. A real slap in the face.

    • Wow, what a silly overreaction. This has been commonplace for decades in virtually every major sport in the rest of the world. They have logos across the chest, and sometimes the shoulders and back. The NBA is reportedly putting a small logo on the shoulder. This really isn’t a big deal, or at least it shouldn’t be.

      • Who cares what people do in Greece or Korea? In this part of the world it’s not normal. And you are kidding yourself if you think the NBA will content itself with than 2 x 2 patch. It won’t bring in enough money ($100M for 30 teams is peanuts), so it’ll quickly grow much larger. The WNBA jerseys are a hint of things to come if we allow this.

        I will never buy an NBA jersey, or any other kind of apparel, with an ad on it. I’m not a walking billboard.

        • Saying you’re against it because “it’s not normal here” is garbage. That’s just good ol’ fashion fear of change. I would like to think increased ad revenue could lead to a lowering or at least leveling off of ticket prices. That’s probably wishful thinking on my part, but either way this is really not worth getting upset over.

          Also, “I’m not a walking billboard” is the most hilarious thing I’ve heard today. I guarantee you are. Unless you basically live off the grid and choose to wear only custom clothing, you use/wear tens, if not hundreds, of logo’d products every day. To quote NFL Live (brought to you by Right Guard), “Come on, man!”

          • I agree with Ray and John. You shouldn’t be so quick to call other people’s opinions “silly” or ” garbage”. Your argument against the trashing and deluting of an American product is asinine and thoughtless. You wear things with brand names because you believe in the quality of the product and you choose them. Unless your wearing everything momma buys you. Do you? You’re not going to want a McDonald’s ad on that expensive Tag Heuer watch you worked so hard to buy would you? I’d rather not buy the watch just like I’d rather not buy the jersey if it had a stupid ad on it. Have you seen what these authentic NBA jerseys go for? Maybe you don’t have to work for a living but I do and I’m not going to pay for something I don’t want. What if he ad has something to do with or associated with something you feel strongly against like chemical waste or animal testing? Who cares if the Miami Heat is going to lose money?! Mickey Arrison should really learn how to run his business before runs his mouth trying to get everyone to feel sorry for him. The Knicks are terrible and overspend and they are not going under. Oh too big of a market? Try the San Antonio Spurs then. Yes, this is not soccer. Aside from the MLS no other soccer league in he world shares revenue. Each team is ran as an individual business. That’s part of the reason teams get demoted in soccer. You are sadly mistaken if you think the likes of Mickey Arrison and the rest of the NBA owners will lower ticket prices because of this. Ray my man, I can understand your disgust with this league too. This crap with the jerseys, rule changes that lead to no one being able to play hard nose defense and on top of it you got these giant chiseled ogres flopping around everywhere because th refereeing is not consistent and inept. I wouldn’t buy a jersey with an ad on it.. Just my take.

          • Well said, thanks for reading and commenting.

        • John,
          I beg to differ everything you wear is an advertisement, do you wear Nike sneakers? Levi’s jeans. We as a society already do this. If the NBA wants to place a small patch for a company I have no issue with it, but if they start looking like a NASCAR drivers suit, or a full blown ad on the jersey, then they will have gone way too far.

  • Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs is the most appropriate ad that should advertise!

  • @Ray, I completely agree with you. I love basketball. Played in college. Still coach kids year round. But I find the NBA repulsive and unwatchable. For the league that invented the TV Timeout to do introduce ads on jerseys is unthinkable. Soccer gets away with it because they have no timeouts. The players have to actually be in shape and play the entire game. Soccer is about the game. The NBA is a commercial. 14 timeouts combined between the two teams. 48 minutes of game time plus 15 minute half is 1 hour and 3 minutes. Instead the average game lasts over 2 hours and 20 minutes. What a joke. Now they expect players and fans to gear up and advertise as they stroll around the planet. I’m sure the fans will accommodate but I really wish they would revolt and turn the NBA back into a sport and less an exercise in blatant commercialism.

    • That’s a good point about soccer. Soccer fans accept the ads on uniforms because it gives them commercial-free halves. We don’t get that with the NBA. It’ll be the worst of both worlds – ads AND tons of commercials.

  • No one complains about soccer teams having corporate logos as the major markings on their jersey. However, I agree with Ray that I would not buy a Bobcats jersey that had a Time Warner logo on it.

  • as an european, i find this controversy funny. why? because during a nba/nhl/nfl/american sport, there are so many publicities (from Brand A play of the game or stats brought to you by BRAND B,BRAND C best player of the game,…)that im not used to see in european football than hearing all this, i just find this funny…

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