NBA Prospect Jared Sullinger’s Stock to Take a Tumble

  • Mark Evans

With the NBA draft quickly approaching, teams are furiously gathering all the possible information regarding potential prospects. Unfortunately for big man Jared Sullinger, teams might now be hesitant to draft him.

Doctors have red flagged the Ohio State power forward for his bad back, an issue that doctors believe is very serious. Although Sullinger’s father has denied that this will have an effect on his son’s ability to play in the NBA, it’s hard to believe that this report will not keep some teams away from the talented big man. This is a deep draft, and it’s very possible that he could fall in the draft.

Sullinger, the walking double-double in his time at OSU, is known for his tough play and ability to out-muscle his opponents around the hoop. He’s as much of a bull as there was in the college game, which could be heavily effected if his back is a legitimate concern. The projected lottery pick averaged 17.6 points and 9.3 boards at a very efficient rate last season, and has been linked to the Hornets with their second first round pick, as well as the Warriors.

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2 Responses to NBA Prospect Jared Sullinger’s Stock to Take a Tumble

  • Doctors are very smart but you can’t hang your draft decision based JUST on this report. He won’t be the first buckeye with a bad back to transition into the league(evan turner). I wouldn’t mind seeing him in philly either.

  • Risk of injury is one of the reasons college players tend to leave early,the schools don’t take the hit money wise,and with no type of insurance policies on top NBA prospects there future can be in jepordy with one bad word from a Doctor……

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