LeBron’s Black Mask May Not Make a Second Appearance

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(Steve Mitchell/ USA TODAY Sports).

(Steve Mitchell/ USA TODAY Sports).

LeBron James superhero-like black face mask seen on Thursday may not make another appearance if the NBA has anything to say about it.

James sported the black carbon fiber mask to protect a broken nose in the Heat victory Thursday night against the Knicks. It created quite a stir on social media, and there were countless pictures comparing James to different superheros. The NBA, however was not a fan and has told LeBron to switch to a clear mask.

The league has made these requests before to players that have worn the face masks. Last season, Kyrie Irving was asked to wear a clear mask after first playing in a black one to protect his face from an injury. In 2012, Kobe Bryant was asked to switch to a clear one as well, after playing only a half in the black one.

The leagues explains this preference by saying that the black mask makes it difficult for opponents to see the players eyes when defending.

LeBron is reportedly still trying to vie for the right to wear the black mask. He says he likes the lightness and fit of the black mask as opposed to the clear one. James has a clear mask ready and did practice with it two days prior before deciding to wear the black one before tip-off Thursday.

Even if the black mask made only one appearance, it made an impact with the fans and players alike. Many of James teammates posted pictures and comments about the mask, and it seemed to be a hit especially on social media. Although it was short-lived, it was entertaining while it lasted.

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